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Through quality-tested products, industry expertise and professional installation, AvTurf provides a total safety solution for airport ground cover. AvTurf's patented technology offers the ideal balance of safety, efficiency and durability.

Erosion, bird strikes and foreign object debris are just a few of the hazards that impact airport runways and taxiways. Installing artificial turf can help curb these hazards, while providing a clean, green, and low maintenance surface area.

Synthetic turf technology that has passed over 30 independent lab tests to include tunnel, jet wash, load bearing, slip resistance adhesive, ASTM, fire retardant and tear strength.

Synthetic AvTurf for airport ground cover is crucial for the overall success of airport operational safety.

Airport Construction Management, Safety Officers, and Civil and U.S. Military aviation professionals specializing in airfield operations.

AvTurf is proven to last 15+ years in the harsh airport environment.

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