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Effects of crumb rubber “as negligible as the effect of ingesting grilled foods”


Dr. Michel D’Hooghe, Chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee, has released a letter regarding possible exposure to crumb rubber in artificial turf fields, rendering the effects negligible. During a recent FIFA Medical Committee meeting in mid-March, the issue of potential

LiteEarth Awarded Second Patent by USPTO


Austin, Texas – LiteEarth, the engineered and patented synthetic grass geomembrane liner for long-term environmental closure, has received another patent for its closure system. U.S. Patent No. 9,610,620 was recently issued for the unique capping solution. Earlier in 2015, Patent

New Installation: Arnold O. Beckman High School, Irvine, CA

Arnold O Beckman High School Irvine CA

Together with our California partner KYA, Act Global has completed another beautiful synthetic turf installation on the Arnold O. Beckman High School campus. The first installation at Beckman was completed in 2016. The 272,000 square foot practice field is over

New Installation: ANFA Luis Hernan Alvarez Stadium


Act Global has installed yet another high-quality Xtreme Turf field in Chile. The ANFA Luis Hernan Alvarez Stadium was installed last month in the municipality of Curico, Chile. The 96,875 sqft (9,000 sm) pitch features our FIFA-recommended Xtreme Turf DX60

70,000 birds killed for aviation safety – AvTurf can keep them alive


This past January, the Huffington Post released an article about the ever-growing number of bird strikes, and the New York-area airports’ solution to reduce that number. The article states nearly 70,000 birds have been killed in a bid to make