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FIFA Football Synthetic Turf Standards

Act Global manufactures a range of high-performing football turf, using FIFA benchmarks for quality standards and sport performance. As a FIFA Preferred Producer for football turf, our product is installed in some of the top international stadiums, and enjoyed by players around the world. Xtreme Turf is engineered to provide the optimal combination of durability, performance, ball roll, player-to-surface interaction, climatic resistance, speed and traction.



  • Synthetic turf is manufactured and tested according to the BEST NATURAL GRASS BENCHMARKS
  • Consumers are guaranteed that sub-base and turf is executed and installed to the highest standards
  • Start to finish quality CONTROL CONFIRMED BY
  • Expert maintenance and equipment
  • Customers are provided confidence and marketing leverage
  • The “FIFA RECOMMENDED” MARK GUARANTEES QUALITY STANDARDS have been met, and that regular laboratory and field tests will be conducted by independent test institutes approved by FIFA
  • Pitches can be awarded the internationally recognized
    FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR or 2 STAR quality marks

Xtreme Turf Product Range


The FIFA Preferred Producer initiative ensures that artificial football turf fields meet the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and safety according to the needs of the end user. To gain acceptance as a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf, Act Global presented at least ten FIFA certified fields which were tested and awarded either a one or two star rating. Pitches that have been installed using products from a FIFA Preferred Producer can be awarded the internationally recognized FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR or 2 STAR quality marks.

Act Global uses FIFA benchmarks in its product development, quality standards and sport performance test methods as they were based upon top professional natural grass stadiums.

For more information on the FPP initiative please review FIFA's