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FIFA Football Synthetic Turf Standards

Act Global manufactures a range of high-performing football turf, using FIFA benchmarks for quality standards and sport performance. As a FIFA Preferred Producer for football turf, our product is installed in some of the top international stadiums, and enjoyed by players around the world. Xtreme Turf is engineered to provide the optimal combination of durability, performance, ball roll, player-to-surface interaction, climatic resistance, speed and traction.


All FIFA recommended fields undergo the following tests:


Simulated Wear & Abrasion Resistance
The surface is artificially abraded (simulation of multiple years of wear) and tested for the following: Shock Absorption, Vertical Deformation, Vertical Ball Rebound, and Rotational Resistance.
Joint Strength
Measures the maximum force recorded to destroy the joints where they are sewn or adhered with adhesive.
Climatic Resistance
UV / Water / Heat - Measures the color change, abrasion resistance and joint strength.


Shock Absorption & Vertical Deformation
Measures the impact absorption provided by synthetic turf to a player running or falling on as well as the foot stability of the surface as a player runs across it.
Rotational Resistance
Measures the interaction between the shoe sole and the surface of artificial grass relating to the ability of a player to change direction.
Slip Resistance Scale & Deceleration
Measures the ability of studs to slide through the surface without causing the player to slip over. Slip resistance deceleration measures the deceleration experienced by the players shoe as it makes contact with the surface. If the deceleration is too high, damages to joints and ligaments may occur.
Skin Abrasion / Skin Friction
Measures the abrasiveness and friction of artificial turf on the skin of the player when sliding.


Vertical Ball Rebound
Measures how high the ball bounces when falling vertically onto a synthetic turf field.
Ball Roll
Measures how far the ball rolls onto synthetic grass compared to natural grass.
Angled Ball Behavior
Measures how the ball rebounds from an artificial turf surface when striking it at a shallow angle under dry and wet conditions.


FIFA has obtained significant testing, medical research and player feedback in order to understand the playability, safety and performance of a perfect natural grass pitch. As a result, the FIFA Quality Concept was developed to identify the best artificial turf pitches. A synthetic grass system can earn a FIFA Recommended Certificate by proving through extensive laboratory and field testing that it performs like natural grass in good condition. According to IFAB’s Laws of the Game, international matches can be played on FIFA recommended artificial turf pitches.

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