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FIFA Football Synthetic Turf Standards

The FIFA Preferred Producer initiative ensures that artificial football turf fields meet the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and safety according to the needs of the end user. Act Global uses FIFA benchmarks in its product development, quality standards and sport performance test methods as they were based upon top professional natural grass stadiums. For more information on the FIFA Quality Programme please click here.

Football Turf

FIFA Preferred Turf Producer

highest quality synthetic turf pitches


A programme developed by FIFA used to identify the highest quality synthetic turf pitches around the world. As a FIFA Preferred Producer, Act Global uses these parameters in its product development and sport performance methods.

FIFA quality synthetic turf
FIFA Recommended Systhetic Turf


A synthetic turf pitch can earn a FIFA Recommended Certificate through extensive laboratory and field testing proving it performs like natural grass in good condition. Click below to see a list of Act Global’s current FIFA Recommended Pitches.

Football Turf Pitches