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LiteEarth for landfill capping and final closure



The composite is delivered to project site in pre-manufactured size and length specifications. Only layout, positioning, anchoring and quick seaming is necessary on site.

8 Step Seaming Process

LiteEarth coal ash Lay out roll of LiteEarth turf composite.

LiteEarth coal closureIf using an earth anchor installation, place plates underneath LiteEarth and outside of the seam to maintain impermeable conditions.

LiteEarth final capping Position two turf panels side by side. Roll back top of overlap panel to prepare the seam.

LiteEarth final closureStir the seaming prime adhesive.

LiteEarth coal pondApply prime adhesive on both the top and bottom 25 mm (7 inch) wide blank, immediately next to synthetic turf. Allow adhesive to flash off.

LiteEarth capping closurePlace butyl adhesive tape onto bottom panel, on top of seaming primer.

LiteEarth coal closureApply pressure to tape with silicone rubber roller.

LiteEarth landfill cappingRemove release paper and place top panel into position on bottom panel. Lightly roll over LiteEarth composite.