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    LiteEarth for landfill capping and final closure



    LiteEarth merges proven, existing technologies into a single, patented anchored composite for landfill and coal ash closure.

    LiteEarth's premium system features high multi-axial tensile strength, as well as strong tear and puncture resistance properties.
    • Integrated woven primary for tensile and elongation enhancement strength
    • Advanced UV stabilizers
    • Green, sustainable natural looking grass 24/7/365 days a year
    • Durable, spined monofilament grass fibres
    • NO SAND INFILL = No wind or water erosion
    EPDM has been used for over 30 years providing an ideal balance of flexibility and protection.
    • 100% better linear dimensional and 230% better multi-axial elongation performance than LLDPE
    • Not affected by Leachate as confirmed by EPA 9090A testing
    • Minimal waves and wrinkle free
    • Thermal set and does not oxidize like thermal plastic
    • Impermeable and highly resistant to weathering
    • Temperature performance range of -45°C to 116°C
    Factory bonding permanently adheres synthetic turf to EPDM through high compression rollers.
    • Proven synthetic elastomer hot melt technology for bonding EPDM and like substrates
    • Temperature performance range of -30°C to 82°C
    • Comparative testing to 60 years
    • Flash point 400°F
    Designed for quick and easy install and tested for maximum wind uplift.
    • Adjustable, site specific depth and lock back options
    • Tested to resist Level IV hurricane wind speeds
    • Maximum certified load lock