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LiteEarth for landfill capping and final closure



LiteEarth is an advanced, engineered and fully-tested earth capping system that exceeds the infiltration and erosion requirements for a Final Cover as specified in RCRA Subtitle D.

The patented system is applicable for long-term closure of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) and other Monofils, Mining and others.

Environmentally Superior

Long-term protection barrier prevents infiltration and provides odor and gas containment, and offers up to 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional capping. LiteEarth also generates predictable and clean storm water runoff.

liteearth landfill benefits

Fully Tested

LiteEarth is an engineered and patented landfill closure solution backed by a spectrum of rigorous testing and experience from international manufacturers.

LiteEarth testing


Save thousands of dollars per acre each year over 40+ years by eliminating layers of soil, seeding and vegetation, as well as annual maintenance.

LiteEarth System Design

Efficient Install

Easy and efficient LiteEarth installation eliminates layers of soil and sand, reduces labor costs, and is simple to repair.

Landfill Installation

Performance Benefits

LiteEarth addresses issues of soil erosion, lack of vegetation growth, slope failure, hippos and gas release.

LiteEarth landfill capping


LiteEarth is a highly engineered product born from years of experience and backed by a 30 year material performance warranty.

LiteEarth landfill capping