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LiteEarth for landfill capping and final closure


A cost-effective, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional landfill capping systems. PROTECT MORE.

Typically specified for closure of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition, hazardous waste, monofill and industrial landfills. Soil covers and some infilled systems require labor intensive installation and high annual maintenance cost, and are vulnerable to interface issues and weather-related events that may lead to failure. The advanced LiteEarth capping system offers efficient installation, and provides long-term protection against infiltration, soil erosion and wind uplift.

The traditional challenge

The traditional capping system requires 3-5 feet of expensive sod or seed, top soil, vegetative and intermediate soil cover, HDPE, LLDPE or other liner materials. This expensive, laborious method requires multiple trips to the job site, consumes a high volume of natural resources, and has a higher carbon footprint.


LiteEarth landfill capping

LiteEarth Solution

LiteEarth utilizes proven components and design to save money, resources, time and the environment. The lightweight composite eliminates 3 to 5 feet of soil and natural resources, which allows for easy installation and seaming, and provides additional air space for filling.

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LiteEarth landfill capping