Get a plush, attractive landscape solution 365 days a year with Xtreme Lawn synthetic grass! Artificial grass provides an environmentally-friendly, aesthetically pleasing landscape solution with very little maintenance. Xtreme Lawn synthetic grass comes in a variety of styles and shades of green to provide Florida home and business owners a healthy, natural looking landscape without the hassle of watering, mowing, fertilizing or weeding. Our durable, grass-like synthetic turf has been specially formulated with UV PROTECTION to withstand even the hottest Florida summer days! Act Global artificial grass, pet turf, putting green turf and more is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and can endure many years of use and play. Act Global supplies synthetic turf for Florida and nationwide. If you are an installer interested in Xtreme Lawn artificial turf, email or call 512-733-5300 for more information.

SUPERIOR QUALITY ARTIFICAL TURF. Superior raw materials, strict quality controls and professional artificial turf installation for reduced sheen, streaking and wrinkles that can occur with lower-end synthetic turf products.

VERIFIED BY TESTING. Some vendors or distributors may provide false information such as embellishing artificial turf face weight statistics to entice buyers. Reputable sellers should verify synthetic grass properties such as face weight, UV stability and durability through independent third party testing to guarantee you are not buying an inferior product at an inflated price. All Xtreme Lawn artificial grass products are third-party tested and verified for your Florida synthetic turf installation enjoyment.

WORLD LEADING ARTIFICIAL TURF MANUFACTURING. There are less than ten artificial turf manufacturers in the USA. Some companies, however, will make false claims that they are a manufacturer or that their product is American-made, but are actually manufactured overseas. Ask for proof of manufacturing origin when purchasing artificial grass.

Act Global is an industry leading synthetic turf manufacturer with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing on three continents.
  • Synthetic turf installations in over 70 countries.
  • The first company in the world that is a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf, International Rugby Board Preferred Turf Producer, Synthetic Turf Council Certified Manufacturer and holds an ISO 9001 certification.
  • Highly durable synthetic grass fibers from a top global yarn supplier
  • Manufacturer of all varieties of synthetic turf: batting cage turf, artificial pet turf, artificial dog turf, artificial landscape grass, artificial sports turf, aviation turf, artificial putting green turf, mini-golf turf, and more.
UV PROTECTION. Highly UV stable artificial grass fibers are extensively tested and proven to avoid fading and breaking issues. Xtreme Lawn synthetic grass is perfect for warm Florida climates seeking drought tolerant landscaping.

ARTIFICIAL TURF IS DURABLE IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. Resilient Xtreme Lawn synthetic grass fibers stand up to heavy foot traffic and all weather conditions-extreme heat, cold, rain or snow. Your Xtreme Lawn synthetic turf installation will provide years of enjoyment.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. All Xtreme Lawn synthetic grass products are non-toxic and have been tested according to strict standards for lead, mercury, zinc and other hazardous heavy metals. Artificial lawn also eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

WATER SAVINGS. As a growing number of areas, face water shortages and droughts, artificial turf is an excellent water-saving alternative to natural grass. Every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial grass saves 55 gallons of water per year. More home and business owners in Florida are choosing artificial turf installation as a preferred, attractive alternative to natural landscaping.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE. Our artificial landscape turf looks and feels like real grass year round-without the hassle of seasonal maintenance. Synthetic turf maintenance is very minimal - no mowing, watering, seeding, weeding or fertilizing necessary with artificial turf.

SAVES MONEY. The average return on investment for an Xtreme Lawn artificial turf installation in Florida is 2 to 5 years.

GREAT FOR PETS. Xtreme Lawn pet turf leaves no muddy paws, and pets cannot dig holes or leave unsightly brown spots. Xtreme Lawn highly perforated backing allows for easy drainage of liquids. Dogs love artificial pet turf, and owners love the low maintenance turf and easy clean-up!

VERSATILE. Artificial grass comes in many varieties, colors, heights and densities. A higher foot traffic area, such as a backyard, will require a denser, more durable artificial lawn product than an area with very little foot traffic. A playground or pet area may require a shorter synthetic grass pile height and less infill. Xtreme Lawn can be used for landscape turf, mini-golf turf, batting cage turf, lawn turf, pet turf, putting green turf, playground turf, airport turf, apartments, concert areas, rooftops, road medians and more!

PROOF IN WRITING. For every artificial turf installation, the contractor provides a synthetic grass sample which verifies the name of the product, the manufacturer, and its origin of production, as well as copies of the installation plan and materials, contracts and warranties.

YARN FIBERS used in synthetic turf are typically textured and/or non-textured polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon.

PRIMARY BACKING is the fabric material into which the artificial grass yarn is tufted. The STC recommends a primary backing weight of at least 7 oz. per square yard.

SECONDARY BACKING (COATING) is a coating on the back of the tufted synthetic grass to lock the fibers in place. Most North American manufacturers use Polyurethane (PU) or Hot Melt Polyolefin (HMP). The coating should be applied with a weight and thickness to meet or exceed the STC's tuft bind standard of at least 6.8 pounds.

FACE WEIGHT (PILE WEIGHT) indicates the ounces of yarn per square yard. Most artificial turf products have a total face weight of 40 to 80 ounces. Ask sellers to verify their face weight through third party testing documents.

TOTAL WEIGHT is the total of the Face Weight and Backing Weight measurements of the synthetic turf system.

PILE HEIGHT is the length of the longest artificial turf blades.

TUFT BIND is the force (usually in pounds) required to pull a tuft from the synthetic turf backing.

INFILL will provide ballast when walking over the artificial grass surface, help fibers remain upright, and will weigh the artificial turf down to prevent buckling or wrinkling. Silica sand infill is most often used in artificial lawns and artificial landscape turf.

Artificial baseball turf and softball turf is engineered to play like the best natural grass. We manufacture a range of baseball synthetic turf products perfect for batting cage turf, outfields, line markers and more.

Xtreme Turf artificial putting green turf and mini-golf turf consists of a tufted blend of polyethylene texturized monofilament fibers.

Our Xtreme Lawn landscape turf product lines consist of a tufted blend of polyethylene monofilament fibers with thatch on a reinforced multi-layer backing. The artificial grass colors feature a blend of olive, bright green, sport green and thatch in varying combinations to offer a realistic looking artificial lawn installation.

All our artificial turf is good for pet use. It is important that artificial pet turf be durable to withstand heavy play. Our non-absorbent synthetic turf backing offers optimal drainage, while leaving no muddy paws or dirt. Artificial pet turf is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, soft, durable and easy to clean.

Our new XTREME TURF WOVEN W35 is a blend of grass-like fibers woven into a highly durable, interlocked synthetic turf system. A unique manufacturing process interlocks synthetic grass fibers into the woven backing to achieve unrivaled durability and longevity. This robust artificial grass system is designed with the active user in mind who also desires a natural grass appearance. With no PU coating, liquids drain quickly and easily through the porous artificial turf woven backing. Perfect for synthetic pet turf, artificial playground turf, multipurpose artificial turf, and high traffic artificial lawns and more.

Available in no infill and infill styles, multipurpose artificial turf can be used with a variety of synthetic turf installation designs and techniques such as batting cage turf, indoor artificial turf fields, landscaping turf and pet turf. Xtreme Turf MultiPlay synthetic turf features a tufted blend three-color polyethylene monofilament fiber on a reinforced multi-layer backing. The result is a plush, durable, soft artificial surface that can withstand years of heavy use or foot traffic.