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Our employees and business partners around the world are our most important assets
As one of the world's largest synthetic turf manufacturers, we are leading the way in turf technology.
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Turf Technology

We are dedicated to advancing the synthetic turf industry
Act Global is one of the largest turf manufacturers in the world with a production capacity exceeding 4 million square meters (over 43 million square feet). We focus on technology and quality through trained technical and production staff, manufacturing on four continents, and a dedicated research and development center. As the synthetic turf market advances, Act Global is committed to staying at the forefront of product development.

Leading synthetic turf manufacturer, Act Global


Our ongoing focus on research and development ensures we provide the latest technology in turf
  • Vision to anticipate market needs and growing trends
  • Dedicated research facilities
  • New developments based on biomechanical standards
  • Natural grass benchmarks


Our products undergo performance and quality testing at numerous stages of development to verify lasting performance and durability
  • Hundreds of independent laboratory tests conducted
  • Grass fiber testing: melting point, breaking strength, elongation, denier, thickness and width
  • Product testing: includes tuft bind strength, grab tear strength
  • Performance testing: to read shock absorbency (g-max), slip resistance, pill flammability and abrasiveness
  • UV and artificial weathering
  • Torture tests simulating high intensity and multi-year use
  • Incorpoarte user & client feedback


As one of the world’s largest producers of synthetic turf, we take quality seriously. Our artificial turf is expertly manufactured using carefully selected raw materials, the most modern machinery, and strict quality controls.
  • Four production locations
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • State of the art operations
  • Source the finest raw materials
  • Very competitive pricing due to quality controls and reporting


We work with a trusted network of partners around the world to provide long term quality and satisfaction.
  • Word-wide dealer network with installations in over 70 countries
  • Trusted maintenance partners to maximize lifetime performance of synthetic turf investment
  • Our goal is to provide long term quality and satisfaction


Through our involvement with reputable industry organizations and solid customer relationships, Act Global obtains continuous feedback regarding product performance and satisfaction.
  • User and client experience tracking
  • Obtain data and input from industry leading partners and organizations
  • Product performance records help forecast for future growth
  • Adjust product strategy based on client and market needs