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American football is a tough, rugged game, and needs a resilient surface which can stand up to the most demanding play.

Old, worn out surfaces become uneven, compacted and unsafe, which can lead to a poorly played game and increased risk of player injury. Our Xtreme Turf and UBU systems are built to last for improved performance, strength and safety for high impact sports.

UBU synthetic turf NFL stadiums by Act-Global

American Football Turf That Protects and Performs

Our synthetic turf features a quality blend of our highest performing fibres, to provide optimal player comfort and safety and lasting durability.
Xtreme Turf is designed for professional NFL stadiums
  • Simulates natural grass game
  • Optimal traction allows players to start and stop quickly and safely in fast-paced game
Xtreme Turf for American football offers good g-max and shock absorption
  • Low skin abrasion
  • Quicker recovery from fatigue
  • Ideal balance of shock absorption (g-max) and vertical deformation
  • Higher yarn density increases player comfort
Xtreme Turf fibrillated SPC offers better infill encapsulation
  • Over 18,000 Dtex per stitch
  • 3 unique grass fibres in every stitch
  • Up to 140,000 lisport cycles for extended play

Act Global's Field Facts

  • 600+ american football fields manufactured by Act Global
  • Surfaces of the 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2018 Super Bowls
  • 6 NFL game fields
  • 10 NFL practice fields
  • 3 NFL training fields
  • Over 40 NCAA fields

Playing Time
Synthetic turf fields increase playing and practice time since athletes can train daily, without concern about whether. The fields do not degrade in wind, rain or snow, which makes for a more stable playing surface. The fields are also consistent season after season.

Sports field turf managers are able to utilize synthetic fields for 3,000 hours a year without rest, whereas natural fields can only be used for around 20 hours a week, which amounts to 680 hours a year.

What Sets Us Apart?
Commitment to research, development, testing and staying at the forefront of synthetic turf technology
  • Vision to anticipate market needs and trends
  • Dedicated research and development facilities
  • Source the finest raw materials and suppliers
  • Product design based on natural grass benchmarks and market needs
  • Independent laboratory product and field testing
  • Adjust product strategy based on client and user feedback

Research sets Natural Grass Benchmarks for American Football Turf


OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate the similarities between FIFA benchmarks and the natural grass at a top performing American Football field

Act Global and testing institute Labosport put the FIFA Quality Concept to test at Kyle Field stadium at Texas A&M University. The on-site assessment measured shock absorption, vertical deformation (foot stability), rotational resistance (traction), energy restitution (fatigue indicator) and various ball-to-surface interactions.

Results confirm the synthetic turf manufactured by Act Global is comparable in performance, quality and safety to natural grass at a top football stadium in pristine condition.
Xtreme Turf for American Football