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With global manufacturing, representatives in over 70 countries, and a focus on research, development and testing—
Act Global is a world leader in synthetic turf technology.

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A global synthetic turf manufacturer committed to the mission to Be More.

At Act Global, we are innovating more, to change the way the world uses synthetic turf.

Our planet has added more than 2 billion people in the last 25 years alone. As a society, we are traveling more, producing more waste and filling up landfills, expanding city spaces and using more natural resources. Act Global is focused on creating synthetic turf solutions which address these issues, protect our resources, and enhance land use for business, leisure, sports and communities.

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With a focus on research, development and testing, Act Global engineers the latest turf solutions for a variety of industries and applications.

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Act Global offers quality assurance with the finest raw materials, modern machinery, and strict quality controls.

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We engage in ongoing research and development to ensure the latest turf technology and highest quality.

Latest Turf Technology

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Explore Act Global's synthetic turf installations around the world for landscape, sport, and aviation applications.

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We believe in building lasting, honest relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers. Our worldwide network is truly an extension of the Act Global family. Contact Act Global for synthetic turf