ProGrass Completes Four World-Class Synthetic Turf Sports Fields for USA Schools

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Top quality manufacturing and contracting has resulted in four USA schools receiving world-class synthetic turf fields.

Students at Bishop Foley Catholic High School in Michigan, Hiram College in Ohio, All Saints’ Academy in Florida and Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania have access to top-quality playing surfaces, benchmarked and fully tested against natural grass safety and performance standards.

At Bishop Foley High School, a turf committee spearheaded a massive fundraising campaign to help cover costs for the new synthetic turf field. ProGrass, a leading synthetic turf field contractor, was engaged to replace a worn out natural grass field, to improve aesthetics and performance and reduce the overall maintenance budget. Hiram College, Seton Hill University and All Saints’ Academy have realized similar benefits from their new fields.

ProGrass partners with world-leading artificial turf manufacturer Act Global to provide high-quality product proven for lasting durability and performance. Both companies are certified members of the Synthetic Turf Council, and adhere to the STC Performance Guidelines for synthetic turf, which include product identification, quality and durability testing and sport performance testing.Seton Hill, ProGrass, Act Global, synthetic turf, artificial turf, sports turf, football turf, sports field, stadium, FIFA, FIFA turf, American footballBishop Foley, ProGrass, Act Global, synthetic turf, artificial turf, football turf, sports turf, sports field, FIFA, football, American football

The manufactured product and field construction endured rigorous laboratory and surface testing conducted by independent institutes, for qualities like UV stability, artificial weathering, shock absorption, abrasion, traction, torsion, ball behavior, aesthetics and more.  These tests are based on significant testing and research to address important factors for player safety and performance, and have been applied to soccer, American football and baseball.Seton Hill, ProGrass, synthetic turf, Act Global, sports turf, artificial turf, FIFA, football turf

“Concussions, injury prevention and overall player safety are crucial factors for high school, college and professional sports fields,” said Todd DeWolfe, vice president of sales and marketing for ProGrass. “ProGrass synthetic turf systems are engineered to be biomechanically sound for today’s athletes, and we’re proving it with independent laboratory and field testing that apply for all sports.”

“Act Global is proud to have a strategic alliance with ProGrass, to deliver the highest-quality fields throughout the United States,” added John Baize, director of Act Global.

Act Global is a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football turf, and has attained FIFA Recommended certificates for the fields at Bishop Foley Catholic High School, Hiram College, All Saints’ Academy and Seton Hill University.

About ProGrass
ProGrass Synthetic Turf Systems, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides the nation’s finest synthetic turf solutions for every level and every need.  ProGrass is a proven leader in synthetic turf product development, design build, project management, construction, installation and proactive maintenance. For over a decade, ProGrass has manufactured and installed over 500 full size fields.  The company’s management team as a whole has over 50 years of synthetic turf industry experience.  More information on ProGrass and their products can be found at

About Act Global
Act Global, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a world leader in synthetic turf and artificial grass manufacturing. The company’s monofilament and fibrillated artificial turf and lawn products replicate natural grass for use in international stadiums, indoor sport centers, airports, synthetic lawns and other synthetic grass uses. Its LiteEarth and AvTurf affiliations add capabilities for landfills and airport applications. Act Global has four manufacturing locations in USA, Europe and Asia and installations in over 70 countries. Act Global is notable for being the first company in the world that is a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf, Synthetic Turf Council Certified Manufacturer and holds an ISO 9001 certification. Its products have undergone hundreds of independent laboratory tests for quality, durability and performance. For additional information, please visit

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